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Dec 2, 2013 4:00pm EST
to the city within the next couple days here. >> all right. jay gray live in the bronx for us. thank you. >>> covering prince george's county, a deadly shooting inside a gas station has police searching for a killer this afternoon. right now, we know the victim is a man in his 20s who is not an employee. he was killed on walters lane in forestville. they have not released whether the crime was recorded. ahead at 5:00, tracee wilkins shows us whether prince george's county has cut the violence crime since this time last year. >>> the sound of repair crews working to fix this water main that sent water rush sboog the street of montgomery county. the main broke in gaithersburg. about 50 residents woke up to find they didn't have water. at one point, the water was knee deep. some residents tell us, this isn't the first time it's happened in their neighborhood. >> this one was shaking the house, shaking the street. ift was loud. it seemed as though, it was a tremor like in the past. >> they hope to have the main fixed and the water back on sometime this evening. this water main break in n
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
approval to raise the city's minimum wage to $11.50 by the year 2016. local workers rallied to push for the bill today. earlier this year, the mayor vetoed another minimum wage hike after walmart threatened to keep the stores out of d.c. the council is expected to give final approval. >> for restaurant workers, for all low wage workers in the city, is the difference between potentially be evicted or having to choose between am i going to buy food or pay the light bill? >> the preliminary approval was unanimous. one more vote will be needed to make it a done deal before it goes to the mayor's desk. >> one day after announcing his re-election bid, d.c. mayor gray touted the economic successes since he became mayor. during the news conference, things got heated. the mayor got angry when reportered questioned him about his record and the 2010 mayoral run that is under investigation. we'll have more in a live report at 5:00. >>> in northern virginia right now, water main breaks are starting to tear up the roads, especially in parts of arlington. south arlington mill drive was closed between
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm EST
snow from st. louis to north of oklahoma city. the pink is all the ice being laid down now. that's the system that is headed this way. for us, you can see we have rain sweeping in in areas of maryland and western portions of virginia right now. a big temperature drop we are going to see throughout the area as the system makes its way into the area. the temperatures in the 60s today. mid and upper 60s. it's the temperature drop we are going have this weekend where we could have everything from snow to freezing rain and icy roads. in a couple minutes, i'll detail it for you and see when we could see the worst conditions around here. >> thank you. >>> an american teacher was gunned down this morning while jogging down the street in benghazi, libya. ronnie smith taught at the international school in bengh i benghazi. he was shot running near the american consulate. the u.s. state department offered condolences but referred all questions to libyan authorities. >>> new fare hikes are a step closer to reality. the metro board met to discuss fare hikes for trains, buses and parking lots. a
Dec 10, 2013 4:00pm EST
also has markings that record all the historic snowstorms we've had in our city over the years. it's a true collector's item and you can have one of your very own. all you have to do is enter the snowman challenge. what you do is make a snowman, take a picture of it. tweet it to @patsnowstick. the best snowman gets the stick. i get a little teary eyed when i think about the first time i gave one of these away. >> you promise to use this snow stick responsibly? >> i will. >> and measure snow accurately for years and years to come? >> yes. >> meet now samantha house, she's from arlington. our very first snow stick recipient. she made a snowman that looked -- well, it looked like me. though i greatly admired my work, i had nothing to do with the judging, but what an exciting time it was when i got a chance to present samantha with her very own official pat collins snow stick. >> this is your very own pat collins snow stick. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now let's take a look at some of the entries we've received so far today. we call this category baby's first snowman. this snowman
Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm EST
weekend. that storm system is wreaking havoc in dallas. just outside the city, heavy snow and ice trigger asthma rena roof collapse. check out the view for drivers in southern illinois today. they encountered near white-out conditions. the slickness caused several vehicles to run off the road. this is the scene in oklahoma city where you can see cars, even trucks slipping and sliding. right now, here in washington, the rain is coming down hard and this is just the beginning of a messy weekends ahead. we are kicking things off tonight in storm center 4 with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. the rain we are seeing on the radar behind us is round one of a one-two punch. >> the second bunch is going to have the potential to knock us out and could knock out your power. the rain is making its way into the area. the sn t
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
law unenforceable. >>> here's a live look at the rockefeller center in new york city. the christmas tree is dark now, but tonight it will light up. glowing in downtown manhattan. you can see them flip the switch live at 8:00 here on nbc 4. >>> the white house is decked out for the holidays today. first lady michelle obama invited military families to come inside and take a look at the 2013 holiday decorations. there they are. this year's theme is gather around. a celebration of coming together with loved ones at this special time of year as well as sharing the stories of classic american holiday traditions. mrs. obama says she likes to watch children enjoying the wonderful glory of the white house during the holidays. >> some of the best times are watching the face of the kids and looking at the ornaments. >> they include holiday crafts and treats for the children. the first family came into the room to greet the kids and knocked over a 2-year-old girl. he licked her face in an apparent apology. sunny's first white house christmas there. >> we're sure that lick made up for knocking
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6